Enologist and agriculturalist, he is in charge of the vineyards and responsible for the production of our wines. He begins to develop as a professional in the wine field working in the production of high quality wines for international companies, such as Perno Ricard Group, Henry Piper and Gancia.

Nowadays he is in charge of the development and implementation of viticultural projects, supported by well known professionals from France, Australia, U.S.A, Israel and South Africa, among others. His knowledge of the different wine regions and his deep exploration force him to be in constant search of new possibilities and potential in the diverse terroirs of Argentina. He coordinates the vinification techniques of Marton Andina Winery, obtaining in this way high quality wines.

He is a National Certified Public Accountant graduated from the National University of Cuyo (Universidad Nacional de Cuyo) who has always been very attached to the mendocinian mountains and nature. He has been active member in numerous work teams and has worked in the organization and administration of well known companies. He is responsible for the winery administration, and he is in charge of the national and international sales.

Born in San Martin de los Andes, skier. It has always been in contact with tourism, ski instructor in Las Lenas and Andorra. Student international sommelier's career, on the faculty of Aconcagua, EAS. And in recent years to the world of wine dunk with Serrera WINES