In winemaking, just like happens in life, there are no recipes. Each wine is the expression of different ways and styles, different moments and opportunities, different dreams and ideals. Many types of wines result from these combinations, they are as diverse as the women and men of this world.

The only, absolute and supreme norm for winemaking should be nobility. That state which gives the chosen the ability of maintaining without alteration the principal virtues of its essence. A quality that we try to cultivate in our lives just like in our wines, because it proves to be the only characteristic capable of mantaining the true virtue of grapes.

The production policy of Marton Andina is based n the establishment of precise and integrated production plans which include all the parameters that influence the final quality of wines. The concept we have from "terroir" includes not only the combination of climate, soil, location and plant, but also all what men may give through his work. Based upon this concept, the production of our wines begins in the vineyards and ends in the winery, where we try to keep and give expression to the natural richness of our grapes. The winery is the place where the enologist adds his personal touch necessary to obtain wines with nobility and personality, which prove to be two main qualities present in our best varietals.