"La Serrera" is located in Lulunta, a small and unique place situated in the high region of Luján de Cuyo, considered one of the most valued terroirs in Argentina. At the foot of the mountains, on a slope that dies in the river, we cultivate superior grapes that give origin to our malbec. Our finca in Lulunta is a small and calm paradise of grapes that proves to be the ideal place for the birth of great wines. Malbec has always played a decisive role in this region, allowing the production of wines of great potential since time immemorial. As a result of an effort to find complexity and original features, we have planted small parcels of other varieties. This enables us to combine in a blend outstanding characteristics which result in wines of great personality , elegance, and sophisticated (refined) aromas.

Although "Finca La Serrera" is a small vineyard in size, it has a great spirit and infinite nobility. Their vines have been personally selected to be recovered, since they were originally planted at the beginning of the last century, playing this period of time an impotant role in the vitality of the plant. We personally perform all the activities of a vinegrower. We dig the ground, we plant the vineshoots, we irrigate the vineyard, we heal and prun the vines, we carry out the picking of grapes, and finally we make the wines in the winery. Lulunta is like a journey, our connection to the ground. It is an indispensable part of our history. The dreams of the vinegrower and winemaker come true in Lulunta. Every year in this place harvest time is like a miracle: "the autumn miracle", as we call the Serrera Gran Guarda, our great blend.