"Finca Dominante" is located in Perdriel, Luján de Cuyo, one of the highest regions to the south of the Mendoza river for the production of malbec. Los Almendros is particularly one of the highest fincas in Perdriel. This region has always given fantasy to our wines. The sober (moderate) complexity and elegance of Lulunta has always counted on the spontaneity and freshness given by "Finca Dominante". Perdriel is also the place where we live. It is where we give expression to our very personal philosophy and where we enjoy the culture of wine. This is the place where we cultivate our vineyards and honor the vines.

Perdriel is the aristochracy of terroirs. We feel proud to be one of the first to choose this region -of well known families- to stay forever. We enjoy to be so close to the mountains, where the snow-covered summit of "Cordón del Plata" makes us feel the cold of its perennial snows. Perdriel is synonym of Malbec. And Malbec, at the same time, is synonym of Argentina in the world.

"Finca Dominante" has vineyards of a century old prunned in the old vinegrowers' way, known as the Guyot system. In this small vineyard of low production, harvest takes place on April, just when the autumn begins. Every year we wait till we get what we consider to be the ideal maturity of grapes. This state is always reached at the beginning of autumn.

Finca Dominante ive us what we call the great wine of autumn, the result of grapes containing aromas of the past summertime