Tupungato is a stunning valley located at the Los Andes mountain range, at the base of the volcano that gives it its name. For years we cultivated and harvested the best grapes of Argentina. The summer weather is warm during the day and cool at nights. The temperature range helps obtain grapes with great aromatic expression, complex, resulting in fine wines.

In this valley, coveted by the great winemakers, we develop our vintage wines, allowing us to assure quality and the growth of our wines today and in time.

This soil is cimportant for obtaining high quality grapes, with a high varietal expression and with the appropriate concentration for young wines.

We have developed chardonnay and also sauvignon and Semillon vineyards, due to the spectacular performance the white variety have in this valley. Regarding red wines, we have a balanced distribution of varieties, such as cabernet, malbec, merlot and tempranillo.