Variety: Malbec 100%.
Age of the vineyards: 90 years.
Training system: Vertical shoot positioning and the traditional training system (low-trained vine).
Soil: Rocky alluvial soils ( banks of the Mendoza river).
Picking (harvesting): Hand picking with boxes of 17 kg.

Berries are removed from the clusters stems (The grapes are destemmed) through low revolutions in order not to hurt hem. Immediate chilling follows. Color and aromas are obtained through cold extraction (through analcoholic means). Fermentation is carried out with 4 pump-overs daily with an average temperature of 25° C. Racking and pressing are carried out in a pneumatic press with minimal pressure. The wine has 8 months of oak ageing.

The Serrera Malbec is a wine of surprising color and structure, with a prolonged storage capacity. It comes from our best and most exclusive terroirs. It is spicy and complex. Intense and elegant on the nose. Its roundness and excellent maturation of its tannins is clearly perceptible on the palate.